Creative range Scenevent: The material to the service of your art

Gamme créative Scenevent : la matière au service de votre art

Scenevent offers a high Quality range for all your needs.
And thanks to the mastery of the coating and its own R & D team, Scenevent has the capacity
to develop – as soon as possible – specific products that meet your specifications.

Variety of surfaces
Matt or glossy surfaces, depending on the effects

Both sides can benefit from different treatments,
eg one side matte, black the other bright white.

Laser cutting
Cutting of all forms with high precision
and over a large width.

Adhesive with / repositionable
Coating with glue fugitive, allowing
multiple repositioning, for example
to darken a room temporarily.

High quality printing
Scenevent offers a range specifically
for digital printing business,
approved by the leading printer manufacturers.

Improved sound
With specific perforation in association
with a sound insulation.

UV protection
From small window to large bay windows, the
UV treatment can protect works
and exhibits.

A black coat that blocks light.