Protecting the environment

A passion for sustaining life on the planet

As a manufacturer based in France, SENFA rigorously complies with national and European environmental requirements, which are far more stringent than those in force elsewhere in the world. In addition, sustainable development and social responsibility are fundamental to our corporate culture.


At SENFA, we are working towards making our entire product range using eco-design principles. We were one of the first companies in Alsace to take part in “Création et Développement de Compétences en Ingénierie et Marketing de l’ECO-conception”, an innovative programme launched by Pôle de Compétitivité Fibres, a national competitiveness cluster for the wood, paper, textile and composite fibre industries based in our region.
Building on the expertise acquired through this first step, launched various other actions and projects along these lines, relating to the use of recycled materials, product recyclability, waste recycling, our carbon footprint, product life cycle assessment, the impact of sourcing, energy savings, etc. Our R&D team is at the forefront of these efforts, but all of our staff are committed to progress towards our shared goals.


After several years of work, Scenevent continues on this path for the future by including in its organization an eco-design management system. For this, it relies on a data bank that is a source of continuous improvement in the design process leading to the development of eco-friendly products: a true meeting of functional quality and environmental friendliness.

This commitment is now recognized by the award of the Ecodesign Confirmed AFAQ label or level three of this four-level assessment awarded by AFAQ AFNOR (the certification body). This label attests to the maturity of the environmental management system of Scenevent products.




 Commitment to chemical safety

SENFA firmly believes that the use of chemicals can and must be more respectful of the environment. As an example of this ongoing commitment, we only use chemical substances authorised by REACH in our manufacturing processes. Furthermore, we are increasingly offering water-based coatings, without solvents. In addition, we have set up our own wastewater treatment plant, in order to ensure that our effluents are completely harmless before being released into the public sewer system.

“Limiting the impact of our products on the environment is a key priority

 Integrity, excellence and accountability

By widely sharing these three core values across our entire organisation, we also embrace sustainable development as a social and human imperative. Regular discussions and exchanges are organised and updated information is circulated frequently, so that everyone can track the company’s progress in this area. As part of our “Plan for Progress” in place since 2008, all staff attend a quarterly meeting on issues related to sustainable development. Last but not least, we actively encourage employee-led initiatives and openness to new ideas.