SCENO-DUO this is more than just occulting, it’s three main functions for a single product

This is the first blackout textile with a black side for backdrops or studio use, and a white side to reflect light and serve as a projection screen

SCENO-DUO and light:

  • Black side: with a reflection coefficient of 6%, this makes it very interesting for photo studio or TV works, as there will be virtually no reflections due to lights flashes.
  • White side: with a reflection of 83%, this makes it very interesting for all light reflections applications, and also in projecting images to the screen.

SCENO-DUO and sound:
- It reflects 20% of bass and 90% of treble which unlike a conventional blackout, makes it applicable for soundproofing.
SCENO-DUO and Solar energy (thermal factor)
- This product when used as a blackout curtain is thermally very efficient.

  • White side exterior (sun side), blocks 94% of energy, and allows the space to remain cool.
  • Black side exterior (sun side), blocks only 24% of energy, and thus in winter contribute to the heating of the space.